Aural Pleasures

I’ve always loved reading my work aloud. Perhaps that’s because as I’m writing, the words on the page seem to originate from a voice whispering the story to me in my head. I also love listening to writers read their own work because they inevitably suggest complexity and nuance that is often missed in print.

Thanks to podcasts and YouTube, I’ve had the opportunity to record some of my stories, and I’ve found I really enjoy purring naughty words into a microphone. Here’s my current list with many more to follow. In the near future, I’ll be offering themed collections of stories for sale for a modest price, including: “Tales from the Floating World,” a group of my stories set in steamy Japan; “Grown-up Games,” a selection of my edgier stories about power play; and “Dirty Pictures,” a series of visually oriented erotic tales.

For now, here’s a sampling of naughty whisperings:


And, for both aural and visual pleasure, check out my gorgeous book trailer, with lots of Japanese art and mildly embarrassing pictures of me:

Radio Interviews

Ellen Shehadeh interviews me at KWMR in Point Reyes, CA.

Ellen talks with people who “have a passion for what they do” and I really enjoyed the chance to talk about my passions: Japan, erotica, food and my new novel, Amorous Woman.

A reading of my literary essay “Thirteen Views of Grief” at Public Radio’s KQED on “Writer’s Block”

Listen in on my scandalous midnight discussion with Dr. Susan Block. In Dr. Suzy’s funky Speakeasy, in downtown LA at midnight, I talk very frankly about Amorous Woman, its autobiographical elements, its sexiest scenes and how to pick up older Japanese women!

Denny Smithson interview me on “Cover to Cover” at the historic Free Speech Radio, KPFA in Berkeley. We talk about problems I face promoting a literary erotic book, our society’s focus on the superficial elements of sexuality over the quality of experience, and other juicy, but intellectual topics.

Cover to Cover with Denny Smithson - November 10, 2008 at 3:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

My appearance on the Cult of Gracie show was one of the highlights of my radio interview experience. Gracie’s intelligent insights helped me see my own work in a new way.

Listen to my most explicit and sexy interview yet on Dr. Dick’s Interview Series, “The Erotic Mind”