Amorous Woman Blog Tour

Travel with me through the floating world of cyberspace-you’ll read lots of spicy tell-all interviews, see a few risqué photos, and learn lots of things about sex, erotica and writing novels. Bon voyage!

Blowjobs Among the Blossoms. Join me for an illustrated journey through the Gion I described in my Best American Erotica 2006 story, “Ukiyo.” Some stops are familiar, some brand-new, and you definitely won’t want to miss the provocative manga showing misbehavior under the cherry blossoms in as lascivious detail as the Japanese censors allow.

An Amorous Journey to Japan (Clean — Wanna see where Lydia fell in love with the elegant dentist? The hot spring bath where she got into mischief? The streets of Gion where she escaped to indulge in seedier adventures? Join me for an illustrated travelogue of famous settings from my novel.

Love Hotel Madness: Kink and Games in the Land of Dreams Learn all about where the Japanese go for a few hours of unbridled passion and play your own exciting game of illicit amour.

Jennifer Prado prods me to talk about the Japan-Italy connection in Amorous Woman, my tips for newcomers to erotica, my mission to elevate Japanese men to international sex symbols, and of course more secrets from my past…

Today I make a stop at’s “Odd Shelf” feature with my list of favorite books on Japan’s after-dark entertainment districts. Geisha, love hotels, spring prints, bar hostesses, pink salons and soaplands, the notorious Abe Sada, exquisite kaiseki dinners. If you have a vivid imagination&msash;and I know the readers of my blog most definitely do—you can experience them all with my selection of elegantly written and beautifully illustrated books.

Between the Lines: Ashley Lister Talks to Donna George Storey. I make an appearance in the charming Ashley Lister’s column, “Between the Sheets”…oops, I mean, “Between the Lines.”. I talk about getting past first base, passionate getaways at country inns, theft, adultery, secrets of novel-writing and other topics pertinent to the writing life.

Come join me for a fun-filled barbecue book roast of Amorous Woman. There will be jokes, laughter, spicy comments, and plenty of bawdy insinuations…

Sage Vivant interviews me. We’ve chugged on to the next stop on our amorous blog tour: a little chat with Sage Vivant about sex and Japan, love hotels, more confessions about autobiographical moments in the novel and plenty of other spicy topics.

Maryanne Stahl, author of Forgive the Moon (aka “The Next Oprah”) interviews me in Eclectica, about feminism and creativity, why I like writing sex scenes, why submission can be empowering and all sorts of other juicy topics.

Donna George Storey: A Truly Amorous Woman (Lust Bites)Shanna Germain interviews me about how the characters in my novel pushed me around, my favorite shunga artist, and why I like reading manga porn

Don Capone (Capone’s Hit List) — I discuss how NOT to write an erotic scene, Amorous Woman’s future on HBO as “Sex and the City” set in Japan and why I chose fiction over memoir to immortalize my Japan experiences

Craig J. Sorensen (Ramblings of a Morbid Multitasker) — learn why Amorous Woman is a gourmet, multi-course meal laid out over time on a beautifully appointed teak table-bring along your appetite!

Jeremy Edwards (From Socks to Fedora, It’s Jeremy)-My wanderlusting heroine, Lydia, escaped from the pages of Amorous Woman to give an honest-and shameless-interview about the secret doings in Fictionland