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I’ve published adults-only tales in over a hundred venues including Best American Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica, and Penthouse. Check out The Mammoth Book of Erotic Presents the Best of Donna George Storey, a collection of some of my favorite stories. Other published stories include:

Print publications: Stories you can take with you to bed

Nasty Little Habit: Published in The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories
I pick up the plastic-wrapped blanket from my chair and push it under the seat in front of me, well out of temptation’s way. It’ll make for a chilly night, but I can hardly masturbate under the blanket if I have no blanket, can I?
I wanted to write an airplane sex story that was totally believable. Do you think I succeeded?
John Updike Made Me Do It: Published in Swing!
Updike had been softening me up for this night for years. Sitting in the effervescent spa water with five other horny married people, the Sierras soaring around us into the star-flecked sky, it was just like stepping into the pages of a steamy novel.
A woman channels the great writer of suburban lust to inspire her own experiment in partner swapping.
The Secret History of Lust: Published in Best Women’s Erotica 2009
Now more than ever, she wanted to get inside that secret room. Not so much as a member but as a phantom spy, to watch men of consequence as they sipped port, fondled cigars, and studied the latest portraits of coupling nudes from Paris.
Is there nothing a young scholar won’t do to become a member of secret sex society?
Room Service: Published in Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories
When I close my eyes, I can see them. I smell them, too, beneath the semen-scented tang of bleach, all the people who’ve sought their pleasure on this bed.
Every hotel room has a history…
Pudding and Pie: Published in Oysters and Chocolate
Oddly enough, it wasn’t until the big night that I thought to wonder whether George would agree being blindfolded and bossed around was a good way to celebrate his birthday.
A birthday on a budget, a bowl of rice pudding…let the games begin!
Chasing Sarah: Published in Clean Sheets
If you’d asked me yesterday if I ever thought about doing it with Sarah Palin, I would have sworn I didn’t have the slightest interest. She’s not my type. But last night Sarah took me to some places I never dreamed I’d go…
The election may be over, but this explicit sexual fantasy about Sarah Palin has timeless relevance to our collective dreams.
Yes: Published in Susie Bright’s X: The Erotic Treasury
Even after all these months, you can never be totally sure you’ve gotten it right. You lead her to the edge of the cliff and give her that nudge, but she decides if she’ll fly or fall. And wherever she goes, she takes you there with her.
My popular story “Yes” appears in this sumptuously titillating collection of steamy stories. A treat for the mind and body!
A Rare Find: Published in Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica
“Blushing Bottoms. You don’t pass around a book with a title like that unless you’re angling for something to happen,” Lawrence argues. “We met these people less than a week ago,” I reply. “I didn’t have the faintest idea they’d be so willing to drop their pants and whack each other’s behinds.”
An innocent wine-tasting party turns into a spanking affair…
The First Time: Published in 39…and still holding, edited by Robin Slick
His cheeks were flushed now as he crawled the three steps to her, his tie dragging on the carpet. If only the bank president could see him now.
Yes, every woman should do one thing for herself every day. Something selfish. Simply because she wants it.
Watch on the Danube: Published in Seriously Sexy 2
Don’t you know they’ve been watching you all along, Pru? I’ve seen the master staring at your luscious bosom and your high, round ass. And she wants you even more. Do you notice how she flushes when you help her dress, how she finds any excuse to order you to powder her neck or fix her garters?
World-weary Austrian aristocrats, curious Americans, a night to remember…
Sex, Lies, and Library Books: Published in Open for Business: Tales of Office Sex
Against the darkness of the blindfold, I really could see it, the two of us locked in an embrace, with books lined up on either side like rows of attentive spectators in a stadium.
Summer mischief down in the stacks.
To Dance at the Fair: Published in Dirty Girls
There, in the moment, the decision—and it was mine—to finally do a three-way with my two best friends was frighteningly simple. Because the real question that stokes the engine of history is not “why,” but “why not.”
Inspired by legendary stripper Sally Rand, a professor pushes her erotic limits.
Marked: Published in K is for Kinky
But maybe a quick bite of all-American boy meat was just what I needed? I’d snatch one night of selfish pleasure, then walk away. I’d make damn sure Mr. Muscles wouldn’t make his mark on me.
A personal trainer offers a very special service.
Just Words: Published in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Volume 7. Originally published in Best Women's Erotica 2007.
As I reached for the mirror, I noticed my hand was trembling. What would he tell me to do next? And would I continue to obey this easily, like a pliant little sex slave with no will of her own?
The tongue is mightier than the sword
Professor Pervert Published in Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Male Dominance
“Your written assignments were excellent, Tina, but I must say I’m enjoying the live performance. Now, for our next assignment I’ll be asking you to do some new things that circumstances didn’t allow before. I will push you, and stretch you, but I know you have it in you to get top grades.”
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover all the things a good professor can teach you
Six Layers of Sweetness: Published in Sex and Candy
“Ah, but he hasn’t passed the real test. The six layers. Each part was simple enough, really, except the last. Until then, it was all foamy fantasy, meringue without sweetening or flavor.”
Baking Venetian cookies is a lot like making love…but what happens when you eat one?
Wet: Published in Best Women’s Erotica 2008
I’ll be honest. I like my sex a little rough. And very wet. Sure, I started out like most women, wanting Valentines and sweet words, but all along I was waiting for the right moment, that perfect slap on the ass, to teach me what I really needed.
Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to be clean
Fezziwig’s Balls: Published in Naughty or Nice?
“She had never danced with a partner who so clearly knew what he was doing, who could transport her to a place where she was no longer beholden to gravity, only to his whim. Was it his whim, then, that her nipples were throbbing under their satin casing and the secret place between her legs was tingling and distressingly wet?”
A wife’s indiscretion at Dickens’ Christmas ball earns her a fitting Yuletide punishment
Suit and Tie: Published in She’s On Top: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance and Male Submission.
Was it a sort of Oval Office approach to infidelity? If it’s not intercourse, it’s not sex? If I don’t come, it’s not sex? Except Steve and I were having intercourse and he was coming, so maybe for him it was more like, if she orders me to do it, it’s not sex?
She’s a temp, he’s the boss, but not for long…
Yes: Published in He’s On Top: Erotic Stories of Male Dominance and Female Submission.
Even after all these months, you can never be totally sure you’ve gotten it right. You lead her to the edge of the cliff and give her that nudge, but she decides if she’ll fly or fall. And wherever she goes, she takes you there with her.
“Yes” The sweetest sound a man can hear…
Spider: Published in E is for Exotic
“For a moment, there was nothing, just the cool air on my exposed flesh, but then I felt a feathery sensation creeping slowly from the edge of the rope down my thigh. Of course it was just his fingers—a joke—but then the image of the spider’s thick brown legs flashed against my eyelids.”
An English teacher in Kyoto finds herself caught in a very pleasant bind
Therapy: Published in Best Women's Erotica 2006.
"Daniel’s silence is more than an absence of sound. It’s an expensive silence, pregnant with significance.  Although I have my next move carefully planned, I’m overcome with a desire to blurt out something altogether different:  the real reason I’m here tonight."
A lot can happen in 50 minutes.
Picture Perfect: Published in Mammoth Book of the Best New Erotica Volume 5.
“I didn’t mean to shave it all off. At first I was trying for a whimsical heart shape, but I couldn’t seem to get the curves even. Then I sculpted a fur patch like those models in men’s magazines, but it looked too much like Hitler’s mustache. In the end I went all the way—the Greek statue look.”
When you’re in pictures, you want to look perfect.
Impeccabile: Published in Mondadori’s Best Erotica 2006.
“Non avevo intenzione di raderla completamente. All’inizio tentai di disegnare una forma stravagante a cuore, ma sembrava impossibile delineare curve regolari. Poi scolpii una macchiolina di pelliccia come le modelle nelle riviste per adulti, ma assomigliava troppo ai baffetti di Hitler. Alla fine non me restò che andare fino in fondo - il look da statua greca.”
Doesn't it sound sexy in Italian too?
Picture Perfect: Published in Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples.
“He turned the camera to my face. A frowning twin gazed back at me from the TV. Brian, on the other hand, was still smiling. “What if there was a guy in the city, a dot-com billionaire, who collects videos of married ladies pleasuring themselves?” My pulse jumped. “You’re joking right?”
Who says you can’t have fun after marriage?
Ukiyo: Published in Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales.
“We drift through the canyons of the pleasure district. Signs for bars and clubs twine up dark glass buildings like neon ivy. Two college boys hold up a friend, his body sagging like martyred Saint Sebastian, his chin glistening with vomit. A gray-haired man and a young woman in an office lady’s uniform hurry down a side street toward a blinking lavender sign for a rent-by-the-hour hotel.”
An overworked professor tours the red light district of Kyoto, attracting unexpected pleasures.
Spring Pictures: Published in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Vol. 4.
“In the cool silence, Anna lay floating, back from the dream of an artist two hundred years past, back from a moon-drenched room of her own childhood.  When she opened her eyes, she was on the futon with Kimura beside her.”
An American bar hostess in Japan learns that a gift of erotic prints requires a very special repayment.
Virgin Ear: Published in Garden of the Perverse.
“It was over almost before it began: a wiggling softness in the hollow of her ear, a glimpse of his baby-pink tube of flesh as he tucked himself in his briefs, zipped his fly and went back to the hallway, to his girlfriend, to the world where everyone knows exactly what will happen next.”
An erotic fairy tale based on a true story.
Ukiyo: Published in Best American Erotica 2006.
“A cell phone call and a taxi ride later, we’re sitting on cushions in a well-appointed zashiki. Yutaka sips cold saké.  I nurse a glass of barley tea.  The place doesn’t look like a brothel.  We could be guests in any traditional inn with tasteful pretensions, except for the fact my heart is pounding in my throat.”
An overworked professor tours the red light district of Kyoto, attracting unexpected pleasures.

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The Cunt Book: Published in print in Best Women's Erotica 2005. Originally published in InPosse Review.
“It was a picture of a lady, lips glossed and softly parted, gazing heavenward as they always seemed to do in pictures back then. But down below she was hitching up her skirt, spreading her legs, half-teasing, half-shamed, to show her secret to that cool glass eye.”
A story about books…and cunts.